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About Strenght

This is the first and most important step to take in ranking your cigar.

Tastes vary according to size and house-style. Some brands such as Bolívar and Partagás are known to be full-bodied smokes and others such as El Rey del Mundo are known to use milder blends.

The strength of your cigar very much depends on the time of day in which you chose to smoke and the food you plan to eat before or after your cigar. For instance, we would recommend a lighter cigar for your morning smoke and a more robust and full bodied smoke after an evening of rich foods and full-bodied wines.

Somewhere in between our scale of Light to Full-bodied cigars, lies the perfect smoke suited to your palate.

About Duration

In Cuba the varying cigar sizes are called vitolas. There are Vitolas de Galera, the technical name used in the factories and then there are the Vitolas de Salida, which are the more popular names used on the market. As a good Habanos can be enjoyed at just about any point in the day, the defining factor is how much time one has to fully enjoy a cigar.

20 min: Demi Coronas, Mini Panetelas, Petit Palmas
30 min: Palmas, Petit Coronas, Petit Robustos
40 min: Coronas, Coronas Gordas, Panetelas
45 min: Robustos, Slim Panetelas
50 min: Double Robustos, Lonsdales, Gran Coronas
1.00 hr: Lanceros, Churchills, Torpedos, Super Hermosos
1.15 hr: Edmundos, Double Coronas
1.30 hr: Cañonazos
1.45 hr: Salomónes

About Brands

While Cuban cigars are generally thought of as rich and full bodied there are many distinguishing house flavors that differentiate each experience from the next.

Brands such as Cohíba and Trinidad are considered to be Cuba’s finest filled with complex and delicate flavors while brands such as Partagás and Bolívar are known to be old-school brands filled with powerful flavors of pepper, leather and wood.

Hoyo de Monterrey is known to produce cigars which are generally floral and even fruity while Montecristo cigars tend to have a very particular tangy flavor, adored by aficionados worldwide.

About Ring Gauge

The industry standard measure for the diameter of your cigar is known as "ring gauge", expressed in 64ths of an inch.
Ring gauges vary from 23 (23 / 64 ths of an inch) to 57
(ie: 57 / 64ths of an inch)

Larger ring gauge cigars tend to burn slowly and deliver a large volume of round smoke that envelopes the palate with a full array of flavors. These are also known as "cooler" smokes.

Smaller ring gauge cigars smoke more quickly, have a sharper taste and are known to be quite "hot" on the palate. Contrary to popular belief, smaller cigars are not necessarily best for beginners. We would actually recommend a larger ring gauge for a beginner smoker.

The wide array of ring gauges and lengths have been divided in
3 categories, "Thin", "Medium" and "Large".

About Vitolas

Vitola is the in Spanish word used to describe the size of your cigar. The 2 cigars of the same vitola have similar measurments and form.

A few examples of the different Cuban manufactured vitolas:

Robusto: Partagás Série D No. 4, Hoyo Épicure No. 2
Double Corona: Ramón Allones Gigantes, Partagás Lusitanias
Petit Corona: Montecristo No. 4, Cohíba Siglo III
Corona Gorda: H. Upmann Magnum 46, Cohíba Siglo IV
Lonsdale: Cohíba Siglo V, Montecristo No. 1, Diplomáticos No. 1
Churchill: Romeo y Julieta Churchill, Bolívar Coronas Gigantes

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Results: Edmundo

According to your choices we have the following 2 cigars to suggest:

H. Upmann Royal Robustos

H. Upmann Royal Robustos Cuban Cigar


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Montecristo Edmundo

Montecristo Edmundo Cuban Cigar

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