Named after Simón Bolívar, Latin America’s great revolutionary hero, this brand appeared on the market in 1901 when the Rocha Cuban Cigar Company began production. Robust, strong, powerful and full-bodied, Bolívars are considered to be a seasoned smoker’s cigar. The Rocha Cigar Company was notorious for producing world’s smallest Cuban cigar, the Delgado, measuring only 1 7/8 inches by 20 ring gauge, the smallest of the Havanas.

Belgravia UK Regional Production 2015

Box of 10 444 CHF

Belicosos Finos

Box of 25 303 CHF

Belicosos Finos

Cabinet of 25 303 CHF

Britanicas UK Regional Production 2011

Box of 10 483 CHF

Petit Belicosos Limited Edition 2009

Box of 25 845 CHF

Petit Coronas

Box of 25 175 CHF

Petit Coronas OGA-JUL.11

Box of 50 746 CHF

Presidente Swiss Regional Production 2013

Box of 10 234 CHF Out of stock

Royal Coronas

Box of 25 240 CHF

Royal Coronas Tubos

Box of 10 114 CHF Out of stock

Super Coronas Limited Edition 2014

Box of 25 746 CHF Out of stock

Tubos No.1

Box of 25 262 CHF Out of stock

Tubos No.2

Box of 25 211 CHF  179 CHF -15%

Tubos No.3

Box of 25 159 CHF