In 1940, this brand was registered under the name "Zamora y Guerra". Known for their flavor ranging from mild to medium, these Habanos are hand made by experienced rollers, with most celebrated leaves from the Vuelta Abajo. Bean flavors (vanilla, coco and coffee) are very present in all of these smokes. Made from the finest tobacco one will occasionally notice a subtle honeyed sweetness and a distinct grassy aroma typical to this line.

Inca Peru Regional Production 2014

Cabinet of 50 843 CHF  758 CHF -10%

Pacificos Asia Regional Production 2009

Box of 25 618 CHF

Petit Coronas FDD-MAY.03

Box of 5 76 CHF


Box of 25 233 CHF Out of stock

Tesoros Spain Regional Production 2016

Box of 10 192 CHF