Saint Luis Rey Regios

All Saint Luis Rey

  • Vitola: Robusto
  • Ring gauge: 48
  • Cigar length: 127 mm / 5'
  • Body: Medium

About this product

Superbly constructed, this long-lasting robusto combines aromas of chocolate, coffee, gingerbread and dark honey blissfully. An impressive steady burn allows the sweet, almost opulent aromas to flood the palate in a wonderful manner. This regios is made to be an epitaph for a sumptuous meal of rich foods and combines well with a good brandy or cognac as a perfect nightcap.

Saint Luis Rey Cigars

Inca Peru Regional Production 2014

Cabinet of 50 843.00 CHF

Pacificos Asia Regional Production 2009

Box of 25 618.00 CHF

Tesoros Spain Regional Production 2016

Box of 10 192.00 CHF