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Vintage Cuban Cigar Tasting

18 August 2017

As the art dictates, a Cuban cigar is forever a living matter and its character ever-evolving.

Whilst many enjoy the raw wildness of a young, oily immature cigar, the smoker who wants to turn pleasure into passion must take the step.

It has been a pleasant surprise to us how many of you are getting into exploring the ultra-select world of the aged Cuban cigar.

This weekend, CigarOne will have the pleasure to add the following two gift sticks for every box purchased.

Cohiba Magicos (SOA-ABR.08)

Por Larranga Belicosos Extra Asia Regional Production 2008 (EMA-OCT.08)

OFFER IS VALID UNTIL August 21st Midnight (CET).

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Breaktime Selection

15 August 2017

Having a long and stressful day at the office?

Looking for the perfect cigars to enjoy during your breaktime?

Look no further… CigarOne has made up the ideal Aficionado’s breaktime selection.

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Cabinet Selections

11 August 2017

CigarOne Cabinet Selections offers the best Habanos that are available Cabinet form.

Get 10% OFF ALL CABINET SELECTIONS until August 14th midnight (CET).

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CigarOne Lounge Selection

08 August 2017

For any true Aficionado, savouring a cigar at the lounge is a magical moment!

Looking for premium Habanos to enjoy at your favourite cigar lounge? Look no further…

CigarOne has made up the ideal aficionado’s lounge selection.

-20% Hoyo De Monterrey Petit Robustos
-20% Partagas Serie D No.5
-20% Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas
-20% Romeo Y Julieta Churchills
-15% Cuaba Tradicionales
-15% Rey Del Mundo Demi Tasse
-15% Cohiba Mágicos – Box of 10
-15% Cohiba Siglo III
-15% Montecristo Double Edmundo
-15% Trinidad Coloniales

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Cigars En Tubo

04 August 2017

Cigars ‘en tubo’, as the Spanish say it… tend to cost a little more, but come with their advantages!

Cigar tubes primarily help protecting and carrying your cigars, but also help keeping your cigars fresh whilst maintaining their factory aging room aroma. Tubos Selections offers the best Habanos that are available Tubos form.

GET 5% OFF ALL Tubos Selections until August 7th midnight (CET).

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