Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro

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  • Vitola: Double Corona
  • Ring gauge: 49
  • Cigar length: 194 mm / 7.64'
  • Body: Medium - Full

About this product

The initial peppered and herbaceous aromas gently evolve into creamy chocolate notes. Known for its rather harsh demeanour this cigar is a great accompaniment to a proper glass of Burgundy’s richest Pinot Noir. Its draw and combustion can be defined as perfect for its uniformity, and its taste half way between medium and strong is balanced in great harmony with subtle sweet chocolate ,as mentioned before, combined with woody and earthy notes. There is a great evolution of taste in this cigar and that is way we like it here at cigarone.

Vegas Robaina Cigars


Box of 25 260 CHF

Short Robaina Andorra Regional Production 2014

Box of 25 486 CHF


Box of 25 350 CHF

Unicos UPE-JUL.12

Box of 25 496 CHF

XV Aniversario Canada Regional Production 2012

Box of 10 492 CHF

15th Anniversary Swiss Humidor

Humidor of 50 2'535 CHF Out of stock