Arturo Fuente cigars are known the world over for their excellence, because no one cultivates cigar filler and wrapper tobacco more scrupulously than Fuente. The Arturo Fuente line offers a medium-to-full bodied taste. Many of the natural-wrapped cigars feature Cameroon leaves with Connecticut leaf used for Maduros.
Ashton is one of the world's premier luxury cigar brands. Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, Ashton cigars are made to the highest quality standards using only the finest aged tobaccos. With an infinite commitment to quality, consistency and excellence, Ashton is celebrated worldwide for the very finest in premium cigars.

Cabinet Selection No.6

Box of 25 326 CHF

Cabinet Selection No.7

Box of 25 345 CHF

Classic Double Magnum

Box of 25 294 CHF

Classic Magnum

Box of 25 294 CHF

ESG 20 Year Salute

Box of 25 549 CHF

ESG 21 Year Salute

Box of 25 548 CHF

ESG 22 Year Salute

Box of 25 528 CHF

ESG 23 Year Salute

Box of 25 538 CHF