COMBINACIONES Swiss Regional Production 2013 Humidor


About this product

This unique collection ‘Exclusivo Suiza’, is made up of a limited series of 20 numbered humidors, each signed by the Managing Director and Vice-Director of Intertabak AG, the official importer and distributor of Habanos in Switzerland.

Each humidor contains 44 exclusive double banded cigars which represent all the Swiss Regional Edition releases between 2005 and 2012. The humidors are manufactured entirely in Switzerland by local craftsmen using precious wood burls and Cuban cedar. Each humidor is furnished with a Credo humidifying system and contains the following cigars classified by year of production:

2x Punch Robustos 2005
2x Ramón Allones Eminencias 2005
2x Punch Robustos 2007
2x Ramón Allones Eminencias 2007
4x Bolívar Legendarios 2008
4x Juan López Máximos 2008
4x Por Larrañaga Valiosos 2009
4x Punch Poderosos 2009
4x La Gloria Cubana Triunfos 2010
4x El Rey del Mundo Elegantes 2010
4x Punch Clásicos 2011
4x Ramón Allones Especiales 2011
4x Vegas Robaina Petit Únicos 2012

(*no Swiss Regional Edition releases in 2006.)

All cigars were harvested from the best tobacco leaves of the famed Vuelta Abajo plantations in the Pinar del Rio region and rolled at the most prestigious factories of the Cuban capital, La Habana after a minimum 2 years of maturation.

All these Regional Edition cigars were carefully selected and devised by Intertabak AG and produced by Habanos and have the particularity of being exclusive shapes which cannot be found in the regular and current production of their respective brand, making them genuine collector items.

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